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We began with our own homes and wanted to share our idea

In 2016, Leslie Platt, co-owner of SNL Realty and Rentals choose to move her family into a larger home and open her 1st Vacation Rental Property. Leslie not only purchased a new home, she made her current one an endless opportunity to make extra money! Turning her family home into a vacation rental allowed her to make extra income to put towards her new home purchase. With creative ways to furnish and market the unique qualities of her home, she now generates a much higher profit margin than she would have been able to generate by renting to long term tenants. Thanks to these positive cash flows, Leslie is now furnishing a second home that was previously rented to long term tenants who caused approximately $15,000 in damages before vacating. If only she had known about this opportunity when she gave those tenants a long term lease five years ago.

Leslie has discovered the right formula and implemented the necessary systems to allow her to replicate this success for anyone who owns a home that can be listed as a short-term rental to those who come to Tucson for work and for play. It is essential that each property be maintained in pristine condition and that every guest be offered the same amenities and service that one would expect from a hotel. This is why our guests enjoy the personal care and attention they have come to expect from the from the SNL staff. To ensure that each and every guest enjoys their stay, we strive to pay attention to every detail while providing that personal touch that allows each guest feel special. This is why guests at SNL managed properties provide such positive reviews and refer SNL to their friends and family. As a professional broker, I recognized the need for identifying a property manager who understood that service, quality, and high standards were critical to success in the short term market. Therefore, to maintain these high standards, Samantha Wilson, Designated Broker, partnered with Leslie Platt, EA, and together they opened SNL Realty and Rentals.

SNL Realty and Rentals understands managing vacation homes for others takes experience, innovative technology, time and commitment.  With the experience of owning your own vacation rentals, we understand what it takes to provide quality care to each and every customer while ensuring rewarding financial returns for the owners.

Taking it to the Next Level, vacation real experience.

Increase your bottom Line

On average, in most markets, a homeowner can expect a 20% increase in what they made the year before.  We will create a profile, set the right price, and promote your home on multiple websites.

Marketing Your Home

Air BNB, Booking.com, VRBO, Flip Key, Homeaway are just a few of the home site we will use to promote your home. 

Your Home Looking It's Best:  Our professional photographer will create images that will make you feel like you are standing in the room.  From her HDR photos to 3D virtual tours.  Guests will know exactly where they are headed.  With our photography and virtual tours, guest are more likely to make a reservation. The MONEY... INCOME!  

SNL Realty and Rental uses the knowledge and experience of pricing your home so you will get bookings.  We are in the business to make you money, so our continued research of knowing what the market is doing is of the up most importance.  You get paid, we get paid!

Decreasing Stress

Our office is local, right here in Tucson.  We have a team of people to ensure your home welcomes all guests. We take care of it all from A-Z!

Rent with Less Stress

Owing a second home or an investment property should not be a full-time job!   We will make it super simple for you to make a profit.